Considered to be one of the many styles of “Kuntao” is a Southeast Asian martial art form known as Liu Seong Kuntao. This “hybrid” form of combat is said to have originated from Indonesia from within the Chinese community. Furthermore, this form of combat has been created by fusing elements belonging to several varied fighting “styles”. In addition, this style of martial art has been made popular especially in the United States of America by a martial artist of Dutch/Chinese origin named Willem Reeders who was brought up in Indonesia.

History/origin of Liu Seong Kuntao:

According to the cultural history of Indonesia, it was a martial artist of Dutch/Chinese origin called Willem Reeders who created this form of combat known as “Liu Seong Kuntao”. Furthermore, it was his grand uncle Liu Seong who was his teacher, and who taught him several martial art forms including the family Kuntao system. It was this system taught by his uncle that Reeders then developed further by adding elements belonging to “silat” which he had learnt gradually over many years from a number of martial art masters. This evolved form was then named after his uncle by Reeders. In addition, this form of combat is supposed to be based on the basic principles of physics, anatomy, and physiology.

Weapons used in the Liu Seong Kuntao:

Since this form of combat is basically based on the “Chinese hand” and “Indonesian feet” it is the “hands and feet” of the fighter that is mainly used as a weapon. In addition, actual weapons are rare and used only in advanced training.

Techniques involved in the Liu Seong Kuntao and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter basically mainly uses “kicking and punching” to attack an opponent. In addition, this martial art form is based on the “Chinese hand and Indonesian feet principle”. Furthermore, while the “Chinese hand” provides the fighter with good body alignment for power, the “Indonesian footwork” provides the fighter with fluid mobility and positioning. There also exists a defensive posture in this martial art form known as “closed body movement”. This posture basically enables the fighter to protect his vital organs from an attack made by an opponent. As for training centers/schools, there is a number available especially in the United States of America in places such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Tennessee, Toronto, and Virginia for those interested in learning this “hybrid” form of martial art.

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