Consisting of very few “rules” is a form of South American martial art known as Vale Tudo. This “Hybrid” form of combat form is said to have originated from Brazil especially during the 1920s. Apparently, Vale Tudo became extremely popular in many Brazilian circuses. Furthermore, this form of combat uses techniques belonging to many other forms of martial arts. In addition, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is supposed to have been developed from Vale Tudo.

History/origin of Vale Tudo:

According to the cultural history of Brazil, Vale Tudo first made its presence felt as a martial art form in the country during the 1920’s in many circuses. However, it was during the 1960’s that this form of martial art began to existing mostly as an “underground subculture”, with most of the bouts being organized either in martial arts “dojos” or small gymnasium.  Furthermore, most of the fights were organized in Rio De Janerio although bouts were also fought in the northern and southern region of the country. It was eventually in the 1990’s that a Brazilian American Jiu-Jitsu martial art “Grandmaster” introduced Vale Tudo into the American market. It was thus in 1993 that Vale established the popular Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in America which is a martial art competition that was based on Vale Tudo.

The weapon used in the Vale Tudo:

Since this is a form of “combat” the weapon mainly used are the arms and legs.

The technique used in the Vale Tudo and training availability:

In terms of technique, the fighters usually use both their leg and hands. Furthermore, grappling techniques such as take downs, sweep, locks, and submissions are used in this form of Brazilian martial art. As for training centers/schools, there are number of them available around the world for those interested in acquiring knowledge about this


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