Fusing elements of “sparring and dancing” in equal measures is a combat form known as Sanjuro originating from Western Europe. This “hybrid” martial art form is said to have originated from England, and developed by Glenn Delikan. Furthermore, Sanjuro was created so as to have a positive effect on the mind, soul, and body of the practitioner. In addition, it was also based on the philosophy which states that knowledge comprises of no “hierarchy”, and hence Sanjuro can be learnt from a junior as well as from a senior.

History of Sanjuro:

According to the cultural history of the United Kingdom, Sanjuro was first developed in the city of London during the 1980’s by a martial artist known as Glenn Delikan. Furthermore, Delikan had studied several combat styles such as kickboxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) and had also learnt dancing. And so fusing elements belonging to kickboxing, MMA, and dancing that he created this combat form was named “Sanjuro” after the classic Japanese film directed by a master called “Akira Kurosawa”.

b. Weapon used in the Sanjuro:

The “hands and the feet” of the fighter is mainly used in this form of combat.

Technique involved in the Sanjuro and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter basically makes use of striking and grappling techniques to overcome an opponent in this martial art form. Furthermore, this combat form is also based on a philosophy that emphasizes on form, fitness, and flexibility. In addition, this combat style also lays emphasis on the practitioner developing an acute sense of awareness towards his surroundings. As for training centers/schools, there are a few available especially in England for those interested in learning this martial art form.

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